Marvin E. Davis Website Design

NJ Designs created the design for Marvin E. Davis & Associates, Inc. NJ Designs also did an onsite and on location photo shoot.

Real Estate Postcard Design

Here is a cute postcard design by NJ Designs advertising an Ice Cream social put on by Ferrari-Lund Realtor, Thuy Tran


Poster Design Work

Here are two of the posters NJ Designs created for Bristlecone Family Resources.

Storefront Sign Design by NJ Designs

Here is a store front or road sign by NJ Designs for Confessions Salon in Reno. In addition to the sign artwork the logo was also created.

BEWARE of iDNS or Internet Domain Name Services it is a SCAM

Over the years I have lost track of the times I have seen this letter. I have gotten panicked and confused phone calls, emails and some people that actually snail mailed me this letter or one similar to it in fear of losing their domain. 

With the bold letters in the upper right hand corner “Domain Name Expiration Notice” small business owners and sometimes large companies are often frightened if they do not immediately send money to Internet Domain Name Services (iDNS) that they will lose their domain name or web address.